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Birthday and Childhood of Fatima Ma'sumah (s.a.)

Birthday and Childhood of Fatima Ma'sumah (s.a.)

In the holy city of Medina, the holy household was awaiting the arrival of a new born.

In the house of Imam Kadhim (A.S.)...

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Fatima is Fatima

by : Dr. Ali Shari'ati

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Negligence Of The Good Manners

Negligence of the Good Manners
It is unfortunately noticeable that the current schools are uninterested in the students’ good manners outer schools. Fathers are also detached in their sons’ aberrance and irregularity. They care only for the scholastic success that their sons achieve in the final exams. This has resulted in the youth’s mutiny and loss of most of their ethics and social traditions. An educationist says, “Fathers who are careless to their sons are interested only in the scholastic success they achieve in the final exams. For the officials, the successful schools are only those providing the maximal number of successful students. Education and care for behaviors are matters uninterested for the majority. This negligence of the educational aspects in home and schools is the main cause of the big disparity between sons and fathers and the immensity of struggle. It also has established that independent, purposeless, and aimless generation that walks randomly and ignores the past bonds.”.
Serious social dangers, the most important of which is the demolishing of the family entities and the social structure, are the results of such negligence.

Absolute Teaching:
Modern schools have been interested in the absolute teaching, which supplies the pupils with no experts or social interaction. Filling up the pupils’ minds with sciences and knowledge is powerless on the individuals’ lives unless it accords their factualities. Unfortunately, the majority of schools is uninterested in this course since they have been caring for finishing the teaching courses in any form, and the students’ most interesting matter is passing the scholastic tests successfully. Surveys on the graduated students have proven that passing the tests successfully has not been an adequate proof of a student’s success in the practical life. Plenty of academically successful students failed in their practical life because of the educational defects. Thus, the conscious education underrates the absolute knowledge that is obtained via inanimate or negative processes of teaching. It also devaluates the knowledge that is disconnected to the environment or the general life.
The processes of teaching should be totally streamed in the children’s powers that ought to be discovered for training, developing, and guiding suitably so that a pupil would earn beneficial mental, physical, and social habits and skills that condition his behavior according to the varying circumstances. As well, education ought to pour on the pupils’ response, tastes, and emotions to compose lively spirits of right and justice. The actual education and teaching are the means of organizing man’s capabilities of acquiring behaviors that are congruous to the social systems in a way warranting the individuals’ good manners and aptitude of conditioning with the social world.
The knowledge that the teachers provide for their students demarcates the process of teaching. Those students gain such knowledge in the scope of acquisition. Knowledge is not a triumph unless its meanings and purports are perceived and utilized, individually and collectively, in the life and behaviors. This is inapplicable unless the teaching processes care for the learners’ intellectualities, tendencies, activities, powers, and behavior in an aspect that is positively materialized in the current and future actions..

Many educationists have agreed that the coeducation is the hindrance of the development and prosperity of teaching. They have also confirmed the necessity of sexual separation in the teaching processes. They provided the following proofs:
-Girls cannot compete with boys in the mental processes because the two sexes do not have equal health, power, and intelligence.
-The atmosphere of combining girls and boys in the same classes is unfit for benefiting by the sources of intelligence and the opportunities of teaching completely. Sexual separation in the stages of pre-teenage, and teenage in specific, is the only method of creating the educational aspect that fits the sound teaching.
-The dangerous moral and emotional results of the coeducation are quite harmful especially in early childhood and teenage. Before the little individuals catch enough time for gaining a mental understanding and a wakening sensitivity, they lose the vitality and frankness due to the coeducation. For the little girls, they lose delicacy, viscosity, and modesty due to being mixed with the other sex. Sexual agitations that injure love and matrimony in the age of adulthood may be, in most cases, the consequence of the meeting of male and female teenagers.
-There is a big difference between the two sexes in the fields of the professional and social guidance. Hence, it is impossible to constitute a special program fitting the exigencies of the two sexes in the same time in any scientific institute. Both sexes will lose the educational, as well as the other, aspects.
-Girls’ maturity is speedier than boys’ is. This fact creates an unsolvable trouble in the classes of the teenage and pre-teenage pupils. The coeducation obliges both to be in the same class for several hours a day, and practice common operations in a stage of unlike physical, exciting, and social points.
The problems of the coeducation result in mental retardation of the pupils and maturity of the sexual mutual tendencies in addition to many other troubles and difficulties.. It indisputably leads to a moral deadlock and the collapse of ethical rules. Some conceive that there is no harm in the coeducation. They describe the matter as naïve and far away from profanity and aberrance. As a matter of fact, The bearers of such ideas do not regard man’s nature, components, and impulses. From early creation, man is molded on gushing to sexual desires, smashing every obstacle. God relates the story of Joseph the prophet and with the chief’s wife. He says:
And Thou turn not away their device from me, I will yearn towards them and become one of the ignorant.
Joseph the prophet was one of God’s apostles. How should ordinary people practice then? God has exposed that man’s soul is cast on gashing to impulses. He says:
Most surely man’s self is wont to command him to do evil. It is now clear that the strong young can hardly be screened against the lusts and against perpetrating fornication. Sheik Mohammed Zeinuddin says, “Before a glutton hungry, fetch an appetizing banquet that is filled with the various colors of mouth-watering food. Let him enjoy by gazing at it for an hour or more so that you will be assured of the accuracy of this proof. Let that hungry gratify his eyes with each dish singly, inhale the smells, gaze at each, count the fruits, and repeat the same process. After a couple of hours, you may ask him whether he is still hungry or not. His hunger will never keep its same state after filling the eyes with those various colors of food. Neither the joy of the eye with appetizing food, the joy of the hearing with speech, nor can any other sense supplant the gourmands of sex and stomach. Anyone who may repudiate this fact is belying himself and the intellectual postulation.”.
This opinion discloses the life factuality and the sound nature on which God has created the human beings. People’s rushing voraciously towards their sexual desires is the sound nature that never changes. The press media have reported tens of the sins and dishonors of this mixing of the male and female students in universities and faculties. Alittihad al-Qawmi –a magazine- reported, “Mixed schools in America resulted in ugly consequences. Boys and girls have been wholly engaged in philandering, chasing, and practicing the sexual relations instead of studying. Thus, students of the two sexes left their study courses totally. Educationists there decided sexual isolation in primary and secondary schools.” As-Sha’b, the Egyptian newspaper, wrote, “The waves of sexual disintegration have been terribly increasing in the United States.
Schools and universities have become the most fertile grounds of the sexual irregularity. Male and female pupils have become addict drunkards and assassins. Pistols, blades, and knives are noticed in the male pupils’ pockets, while cigar boxes and tablets of contraceptive are in the females’. As these phenomena attained an unbearable level, a judiciary body began to survey the pupils’ crimes in New York. It recommended that a policeman should stop on the gates of each school for hindering the activities of the pupils’ gangs. Some judges have anticipated that policemen may drift in the pupils’ limitless clamor!” Lindsey, the American judge, guesses that about 45% of the girls of schools profane their honors before graduation. This proportion is greatly higher in the advanced stages of teaching..
Educationists have understood completely the necessity of the sexual isolation in all of the stages of teaching after they had noticed the frightful injuries of the coeducational system, which led to the cessation of the teaching development and the informality of the students’ disintegration and corruption.

Contrast of Teaching:
The mixture of contrasting opinions and principals that the teachers pose has affected the teaching processes. A teacher may introduce special ideas in the class, and incite the students to accept them. Another teacher may come to the same class with another contrary idea that he favors and encourages. This would create the students’ ordeal. An educationist says, “For imagining the scope of the hazardous hardship and hesitation, you may picture the students’ nerves and ideas when they receive a contrary mixture of opinions and principals everyday. Yet, they are obliged to accept and embrace them all. The teacher of religion exposes this universe from a religious viewpoint, but the teacher of sociology denies this opinion totally. Both teachers want the students to believe in their opinions. A third teacher may demolish the hypotheses of the two and keeps on building a new idea in the mentalities of those poor students. Like the opinion of the universe, the theses of ethics, history, economy, and metaphysics can be contrarily opposite and different.”
This sort of discord has fixed an ideological disorder and contrastive tendencies in the students’ minds. It is sorrowful that the teaching faculties have been the mart of foreign ideas that antagonize our nationality and religion.
Some schools in the Islamic world have failed acutely in conveying their missions. From that cause, an undiscerning generation that ignores the religious and national goals and submits to the imperialistic rumors, has come forth. The imperialists have depended upon such individuals in publicizing their ideas and goals. If the officials intend to treat this failure, they should concern with identifying and devoting the lessons to the religious education in all of the stages of teaching. The youth then will recognize the creative systems that Islam has brought for developing the social behavior and installing the spirits of virtues and noble tendencies in the minds.


Environment is one the most eminent effects of education. Children pursue their environments unfeelingly. The environment plants instincts and habits in the children’s minds easily and readily. The youth follow the environmental effects in good and bad circumstances. However, internal and external factors, that interact and receive medial influences to bring about the moralities and habits, affect the human beings directly.

Signification of Environment:
Educationists have unanimously agreed that the social surroundings are within the most significant elements on which education depends in the formation of human personalities and the achievement of the individuals’ desires within the general frame of civilization. They also contribute in consummating a high degree of social perfection. At the same time, the surroundings reduce the tensions and aspects of aberrant behaviors, and this creates the individuals’ collective combination and loyalty to the goals and values of the society..

The Environmental Responsibilities:
The social surroundings are responsible for any degradation or retardation that affects the educational values since their role is elevating the levels of the national scientific and ethical ambitions. They are also asked for establishing the competent means of promoting the culture and illuminating the intellectualities with science. A deep look into the social surroundings all over the various historical eras will expose that the surroundings of a considerable progression and civilizing had performed their duties of urging the officials on developing the conscience and broadcasting the scientific waves among the various social classes. This is one of the immense goals that are intended in the Prophet’s saying, “You all are supervisors and you all are responsible for your subjects.” Hence, all Muslims are in charge of demanding their governments with founding the means of development and outgrowth for contributing in the constructing of the human civilization.

The Environmental Settlement:
The settlement of the social surroundings and the family order has a substantial pertinence in the rectitude of the behaviors and the mansuetude of the youth. UNESCO has discussed the unnatural effects on the children’s mentalities. After a comprehensive inspection, the following report was submitted:
“The surroundings’ psychological settlement and the families’ mutual amiability are the bases on which the children’s emotional conditioning and the satisfactory social relations are grounded. In case these surroundings deform the children’s piety to parents, it will be so arduous for them to associate socially.”.
The environmental settlement is really one of the causes that contribute in the coherence and prosperity of the children’s personalities, and in avoiding the elements of concern. Psychologists decide that the environmental disorder and the accompanying perplexities and depravities; all these cause the children to feel weak in the face of a world of cheating, trickery, treason, and envy..

Categories of Environment
Educationists determine that there are two sorts of environments in which the human beings live.

One: The Natural Environment:
The natural environment comprises all of the natural surroundings. The earth along with all of what is above or beneath in addition to the powers and energies; all these are the components of the natural environment. The natural sciences beginning with simple information given to the pupils up to biology, chemistry, and physics are related to the natural environment that the students must understand, totally or partially, so that they can condition themselves.

Two: The Social Environment:
The social environment is the society of mankind and the relations between the individuals and groups. Economical, political, professional, cultural and psychological relations are the components of the social environment. Besides, the social sciences, such as history, geography, education, economics and politics, relate to the social environment. On that account, it is preferable for the students to have enough acquaintance with these sciences in order to be able of conditioning socially. The spiritual and mental values play a considerable effective role in the social environment through educating and raising the levels of the early youth.

The Environment in Islam:
Islam has been intensely concerned with the environment since it is an effective element in the educational and social composition. Good environments support the nation with the best and the most proficient individuals who progress in great steps in the fields of virtue and reformation. In like fashion, evil environments bring about the vile licentious individuals who distribute their mental defects among people.
Islam has identified the whole devices and powers of reforming and evolving the environment for achieving justice, right, and equality, and eradicating the elements of lag, retardation, injustice, wronging, and stinginess. It has been also purposed for achieving security and settlement, and eliminating the seditious and disorderly affairs. The Islamic environment has produced those great, excellent, intelligent, and virtuous reformers who were the best of mankind, all over history, in believing in God, inciting to the right, and exerting efforts for the sake of justice.
It is noticeably important to discern that Islam has actually been concerned with the private environments. It has recognized the most significant aspect of raising the individuals’ reactions in acquiring customs and moralities. This aspect is friendship, which is the most powerful educational element that transfers the individuals’ traits and tendencies. Sociologists have affirmed the point by saying, “The social life is the life of influence and perception. Every individual influences and perceives from the surroundings.” This meaning is also asserted through proverbs and literary sayings that prove the individuals’ being influenced by their friends.
Islam has emphasized on associating the virtuous, godly, noble, honorable, and straight individuals, through whom good manners and noble traits are acquired. Imam al-Hassan (a) says in his everlasting words of advice: “When you need to associate with men, you should choose those whose friendship graces you and guards in troubles. You should choose those who assist you in exigencies, and believe your discourse, and back you in charges, and participate in virtues. It is they who cover up your flaws, and regard your favors, and give when you need, and chatter in silence, and console in misfortunes, and save from troubles, and do not misguide or disappoint in calamities, and prefer in litigation”.
By those golden words, the Imam has assigned the Islamic duties of friendship that obligate mutual supervision, amiability, and cooperation among friends.
Friendship lead to the acquisition of customs and the interaction with the friends’ ethics, tendencies, and trends. Therefore, Islam has warned against befriending the morally and mentally defected individuals. Imam Ali (a), the great educator, instructs his son Imam Al-Hassan:
“O son! Beware of associating with the idiot. They harm when they intend to benefit. Beware of associating with the misers. They deprive you of the very things that you need. Beware of associating with the licentious. They vend you with valueless. Beware of associating with the liars. They look like a mirage that shows the remote as close and the close as remote.”
Many damages that cause the loss of the behavioral balance result in associating with such individuals. The reference books of hadith are full of many prophetic and imamic sayings regarding the qualities and influences of friends. The Prophet (s) says, “Man pursues his friend’s religion.”.
The youth that accept their religion and doctrine are advised to be careful of the individuals that are defected morally and behaviorally, since such ones lead to sinning and depravity. The youth should also avoid those who bear weak principals, such as existentialism and the like, that call for disintegration and the prevalence of the jungle law.
Unfortunately, the Islamic society has been affected by many of those deviants who do not possess any Islamic or national conscience, and ignore any upright social purport. Hence, they worked poisonously for dishonoring this nation’s social and spiritual divines and values. The faithful youth should be careful of such individuals and should never associate with them so that they would not be misguided.

The Environment in the Present Ages
Modern social surroundings have attained a great scale of merging and similarity because of the new means of communication that approximated the nations and peoples by mutual transference of habits and traditions. This has naturally created the unprecedented extensive reciprocity of ideas. Most people then participated in the same tendencies, traditions, and habits
. The social environments all over this world have painfully had to encounter fears, horrors, and insecurity because of the greed of the politicians who rule the great powers. They have competed with each other on invading, occupying, and subjecting the weak peoples. They have also struggled for distributing their principals. This brought the destroying wars that broke out in some countries and caused the disorder of the social environments and the individuals’ fear and horror.
Modern man is living nervously after the loss of the future expectations. Man anticipates ambiguous future and evils of the great powers that tend misguidedly to wars and destroying by using their entire economic, military, and diplomatic devices for aggressions and massacre. Nothing but the news of termination and massacre are reported every news agency all over this world. The great powers have exploited their people’s wealth in the fields of developing their armament. They have coerced the scientists on inventing in this field exclusively. Hence, the development of such weapons has been highly formidable and fascinating. Satellites and electronic devices have been put in the service of exploring the others’ strategic situations and means of defense and power. The most horrible invention in this regard has been the nuclear weapons that had the ability of destroying any country in few hours. Thus, fear and horror have predominated on the inhabitants of this planet.
These are definitely exhausting and arduous crises and difficulties that people have had to face. Everybody ignores the time in which those gods of evil click on the buttons of these terminating weapons to demolish this life thoroughly and handle the keys of this planet to the Creator. All these dangers have indisputably been the outcome of the lack of conscious education in the interiors of the politicians and leaders of this world. Had they enjoyed a single particle of human conscious, they would have saved this world from such a gigantic hazard and exerted their efforts in the fields of man’s luxury, indulgence, and settlement.