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Birthday and Childhood of Fatima Ma'sumah (s.a.)

Birthday and Childhood of Fatima Ma'sumah (s.a.)

In the holy city of Medina, the holy household was awaiting the arrival of a new born.

In the house of Imam Kadhim (A.S.)...

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Fatima is Fatima

by : Dr. Ali Shari'ati

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Women’s Conceding Education

Women’s Conceding Education
In the past, women settled in their houses for supervising their sons and looking after their husbands’ requirements. In association with men, women used to play the role of the instructors to their sons. In the present day, women went out for practicing men’s jobs. Home affairs became secondary tasks for women most of whom, in many countries, conceive that giving birth of children contradicts their jobs; therefore, birth control and negligence of giving birth floated on the surfaces.
It is quite understandable that women are singly responsible for contriving the social and mental spheres for achieving perfect and sound growth up of children. Numerous disadvantages were the outcome of women’s secluding their basic functions. Family collapse has been the main pitfall of this misdeed. Women began to meet their husbands and children in concise periods. For many of them, family has been something similar to a locanda that is vacant of any social or mental tie, which constantly calls for putting the family interests in the top..
Women’s being outdoors has deprived the children of enjoying the motherly affection since mothers practiced their outer jobs and left their children most of time. Artificial nutrition and wet nurses can never supplant mothers’ affection and kindness. Experiments have proved that mothers’ milk is not the sole source of children’s maturity. Mothers’ affection and tenderness, which is the natural and mental nutrition that is received through their breasts, share the same significance of natural nutrition in the fields of sound maturity and growth up. This is the main reason beyond favoring mothers’ nutrition to the artificial. In other words, mothers’ milk gives physical and affectionate maturity, while the artificial may contribute in the physical only since it is empty of the natural love and tenderness. Mothers whose babies are nurtured artificially are recommended, by pediatrists, to embrace their babies frequently.. As a rule, sound maturity is attainable only through the reception of acceptable amount of mothers’ love and affection. Mothers who leave their houses and babies will lose love and affection. Many educationists, economists and psychologists reproach women’s secluding their houses. Let us refer to some of these wordings and leave any comment. A grand philosopher says, “As women began to practice general jobs, families began to dispel. Tests have proved that women began to revolt against the traditions of familiar ethics.”. John Simon the economist says, “Nowadays, women have been weavers and typists. The governments employed women in factories. They earned some money, but razed the pillars of their families thoroughly. It is yes that husbands benefit by their wives’ earnings, but their own earnings have been reduced because women began to compete with them.”. August Cant, the sociologist, said, “If women’s manners in the social structure are kept up in the way they desire, expiry is their fate. They will be captive bondwomen.”. Annie Rod says, “It is quite preferable and less disastrous for our girls to work as maids in houses to joining the factories where they are polluted with profanities that rub out their glamour for good. I wish our countries were like those of Muslims in reserve, chastity and purity. Maids and servants there lead a life of ease and comfort and are treated as same as family members without any sort of abuse. It is dishonorable for the country of the English that our girls became models of vice due to association with men. I wonder why we decline to make our girls practice the jobs that accord their natural characters, such as the home affairs. For protecting our girls’ honor, we should lead them to avoid men’s jobs.”.
Shafiq Jibri says, “Women in America are leaving their nature when they began to compete with men in their jobs. This participation will soon demolish the rules of their social lives. How can a woman work and supervise her children and manage her home affairs at the same time? The American women drifted in this course so excessively that a sort of vying with men will be the result.”.
Samuel Smiles says, “Systems that decide women’s working in factories for saving the national fortune are arising lethal results that destroy the structure of the house lives. Such systems are raiding at the frameworks of houses, demolishing the family pillars, and unknotting the social ties.”. Ms. Amina Saeed says, “Ignorance is still widespread among women. The present family decrees should be discussed in the parliaments more than other issues. As much as I conceive, a house is an unparalleled paradise. Women’s settlement in their houses equates thousands of political rights.”.
When women left their houses to enter to the factories and compete with men in jobs and economy, they became too short to fulfill their house missions completely. They also show shortage in the task of educating the early young. When the working women return home, they are encumbered with an exhausting state. How can such women then provide a sound education for their children? Naturally, this forms a menacing danger on the generations that could be affected by several mental defects and behavioral unsettlement, as educationists and psychologists affirm.

The diminution and extreme reduction of the matrimonial proportions is the most threatening exposure that forebodes the family entities. Modern materialist civilizations has offered women as a low-priced and trite stock that most of the youth abstain from marriage since they could easily have the sexual carnality. They also lost any motive to be involved in marriage and its accompanying liabilities. Sheik Behi al-Khuli says, “The young men refrain from marriage since it prevents them from getting the accessible renewed desires. The motives of modern developments have brought about the expansive freedoms regarding ideas, wording, beliefs, and private behaviors, in most of the western societies. It has also established material goals in assets, utilities, and sensual desires that contradicted the spiritual goals and the criteria of honor and chastity. Thus, everyone had the private extensive freedom through which he could do whatever he liked without any legal or traditional barrier. Traditions and social attitudes urged the individuals daringly on doing whatever they want. The result was the triumph of sex worship. The mania of lusts became too prevalent to exclude any. Hence, matrimony became a manacle that restrains the freedom of obtaining the desires. Each individual would leave his friend to find another at whom he can renew the flaming desires.
This would indisputably lead to the reduction of the population and the weakness of the nations in their mental and material components. Ten years ago, some European societies showed the disadvantages of such moral disintegration. Unfortunately, it is got bigger and bigger to include many other countries.
Sociologists are ringing the tocsins and warning again the coming misfortunes of the negligence of family. They are also alarming against the ethical collapse, the destruction of social ties, and the extinction of generations. It was thoroughly true when the French Marshal Petan called his people to virtue on that day when the German forces occupied France in the Second World War. He said, “Weigh your steps. They are surely hefty in the balance. You have disdained the virtues as well as the total spiritual principals. You have rejected the children, relinquished the family affairs, and pursued the libidos.”
The Islamic states are required to attend to the establishment, conduct, and the guaranty of the security of families. They should also improve the economic, cultural, and political circumstances that may influence family systems. Like alimentation, teaching, and defense, the Islamic states are fully responsible of managing families in the most appropriate manner. As a matter of fact, there are many alike purposes that should never be left in the individuals’ hands because they are the governments’ missions.”.

Sexual deviation
The reduction and diminution of the matrimonial proportions exuded the disadvantages that threatened the destruction and disintegration of family entities and individuals’ behavioral disorder. One of the most critical disadvantages was the predominance of abuse. It is clearly notable that nothing should be more menacing and fatal than the commonness of abuse, which is behind the confusion of lineage and the collapse of the moral rules. God has counted fornication with polytheism, and compared it with those who commit homicide. They are threatened of immortality in the hell-fire. God says:
And they who do not call upon another god with Allah and do not slay the soul, which Allah has forbidden except
in requirements of justice, and who do not commit fornication and he who does this shall find a requital of sin.
The punishment shall be doubled to him on the day of resurrection, and he shall abide therein in abasement.
Islam has instituted many dams and obstacles against fornication. It has ordered women of concealing their charms. God says:
And do not display their ornaments except what appears thereof.
It is also forbidden for women to attract the attentions and leading to their beauties and decorations. God says:
… And let them not strike their feet so that what they hide of their ornaments may be known.
Men are forbidden from associating with women except the family members. The Prophet says, “You are not permitted to meet women separately except those enjoying a degree of prohibition.”. It is also illegal to touch women other than the family members. The Prophet (s) said, “Stabbing with an iron pin is quite preferable to touching a non-consanguineous lady.”. The rewards of the women’s prayers that are performed in their houses are as same as those performed in mosques. This Islamic ruling intends to guard women against mixing with men and being pushed in depravities and losing dignity, nobility, and honor.
Islam has used all devices and potentials for contesting the sexual deviation and the libidinous anarchy, and struggling all of the means that cause women to fall in depravities. Islam has also called for elevating women to the maximal levels that make them good housewives, educators, and gentle. It has intended to cause them to be encompassed by dignity and honor. The modern materialist civilization has cheated women and driven them to sins and licentiousness. Hence, women left the bright field into a mean life of humility, meekness, and qualms.
Horrible waves of perversion have crept into the western world due to which women lost the meanings of chastity, dignity, coyness, and honesty, and lacked any knowledge of the genuine meaning of existence except saturating their sexual libidos. Prostitution has been common in clubs, institutes, and public locations in such a horrible way that it embarrasses humanity. People have no longer counted the prostitution with the ugly socially deniable matters. They have to agree upon encouraging and admitting it. Paula Bierro says, “Nowadays, prostitution has turned into a well-structured system comprising officials, hirelings, writers, publishers, speakers, instructors, physicians, midwives, and commercial tourists. The most up-to-date means of publications, shows, and advertisements substituted for this regard.” George Askan says, “Adultery, inchastity, and opting for vulgar manners have became one of the red-hot livings for the present girls.”
The daily and political mass media of the West have been suffocated with topics that drive women to strip the dresses of chastity and purity. This caused women’s unconcern, pollution, and running behind lustful and libidinous falsities, changing the boyfriend whenever they feel bored. This led to the corruption of the family affairs and the disorder and aberrance of the family members.
Prostitution is a grand epidemic that affects the societies. It is also one of the most significant motives that smash the social entities and eradicate its genuineness and cohesion. Diseases, such as chancroid, syphilis, and leukorrhea prevail on societies that are affected by the epidemic of prostitution. Likewise, these diseases eliminate the public health, cause serious ailments, eradicate the personal integration, and dismiss all of the moral and ethical sources.
These epidemics have affected many territories around this world. Hospitalities and clinics have received great waves of the diseased everyday. Despite the modern medications, these epidemics prevailed hugely on people and led to other mental diseases such as hysteria. Lunatic asylums were suffocated with the diseased of hysteria, which is the outcome of the sexual diseases. Thus, the numbers of the victims of such diseases increased horribly. Meanwhile, such diseases thwart economical developments and progression on which the prosperity of health depends. Finally, they have been wasting a great international wealth as disbursements of the medications of the diseased by such epidemics.
The outbreak of the contraceptive tablets among the prostitutes who fear pregnancy is one of the humiliating aspects of the sexual deviation. These tablets have been greatly widespread among the students of the Western colleges and institutes where the states of abortion and miscarriage have been intensely common. Such states should naturally leave an extreme influence on women’s health and lethargy, and play a great role in the processes of birth control. The prodigality of foundlings has also been one of the results. In the capitals of the Western countries, this phenomenon has occupied a great area. This has caused the governments there to establish refuges and orphanages for receiving the great numbers of those afflicted individuals who have originally lost the paternal affection and undergone a great deal of mental complexities, as psychologists assure. Ill manners, natures, and social impression are the most menacing dangers affecting such individuals. These were only a part of the dangers of the sexual anarchy, which threatens waves of dominating sins over the family structure and leads to decline.

Sons’ impiety
Another aspect of the modern family disintegration has been the sons’ isolating their parents distinctively in opinions, beliefs, and tendencies. The modern education has used all of its material potencies for doubting and reducing the parents’ customs and ideas. Thus, the new generations cursed their fathers’ idealities and values. This created an ideological and mutinous struggle against the (antiquated) social traditions. A violent and intense combat between sons and their fathers, who continually complained the sufferings of their sons’ impiety, disobedience, and ill manners, was has been come up. They reported various stories of the sons’ crudeness, inchastity, severity, and depravity. John Dewey the educationist says, “It is inutile to mourn for those old days that carried the sons’ good manners, chastity, respect, and obedience. Mourning will never regain the past, however. Modern changes are the outcome of the natural edicts that should be solved only by a sufficient amount of disciplining.”
Dewey’s opinion is very true. Modern changes on family, educational, and social systems have been the main cause of the sons’ mutiny and extreme disobedience. It is impossible to regain the former nature without reeducating the natures and desires, and seeding virtuous tendencies in spirits.

Terrible sorts of disintegration and looseness have affected most of the modern families. Exaggeration in using the various sorts of pleasures and plural of prohibitive matters led to moral downfalls and behaviors. Running behind amusement causes incoherent generations that lack the meanings of human and social values and idealities. Children, when notice their parents addicted to the intoxicants and other vices, will surely have ill behaviors and misguidance. An educationist says, “Family has generally become a humble sphere of education. Modern parents have exceeded the borders in their naivete, agitation, weakness, or awkwardness. Most of such parents may convey those defects to their children. Most children receive the ill manners, corruption, quarreling, and addiction to intoxicants through their houses and families. Others may receive such manners through their friends. So, it is not exaggerative to decide that most of the modern parents ignore the proper ways of education disregarding their social class. Schools have fallen behind in fulfilling their duties. Teachers’ behaviors are not much different from those of parents.”.
In most cases, the aberrance of the early young is based upon the family disintegration and looseness. It is correct to affirm that the family reformation is preceded to the other educational factors. Family is the first school that has a direct influence on behaviors and guidance.

School is one of the educational elements that help in composing the children and amending their education. Schools, when enjoy good intendments and sound courses that are managed by a sincere teaching body, will produce conscious generations that believe in their national goals. On the other side, when schools neglect their duties and liabilities, the national values will collapse and the generations will be affected in their behaviors and intendments. It seems important to have a brief look on schools.

Prominence of schools:
Schools have an eminent access to man’s progress and development. They are the sources of the ideological illumination and the scientific maturity. In addition, they are the most significant principle of saving people from ignorance and vice. An educationist says that the establishment of a school is the demolishing of a prison.
Shakespeare says that science is the wing by which we fly in skies. A French author records, “This world is keeping successfully on approaching to thinking in humanity. It is impracticable for any nation to elevate by any means other than the generalization of teaching. Science is the only manner of protecting people against ignorance.”
The spread of schools and science is an essential provision of any national renaissance, attainment, and elevation. It is also a basic element in the structure of the educational entity and the children’s acquiring a sound personality and behavior. Some educationists decide that schools are more influential than families are in the field of education. They say, “For their positions, schools are the national means of the educational management. I oppose those who threw the burdens of the ethical education on the shoulders of families. I decide schools’ roles in the children’s ethical composition must be on great importance since the most significant part of the moral culture cannot be received through any aspect other than schools. Family may have the ability of arising and developing the house clemencies that are essential for moral lives and based upon simple individual relations. Yet, families are still unable to be the most virtuous means of preparing the children for performing their duties in the social life soundly.”.
Mental life in early childhood is usually weak. Sentimental life in the same period is too naïve to allow the psychological state to compose the life elements without the existence of schools. From that cause, educationists care much for schools and reckon with the most significant educational portions.