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Birthday and Childhood of Fatima Ma'sumah (s.a.)

Birthday and Childhood of Fatima Ma'sumah (s.a.)

In the holy city of Medina, the holy household was awaiting the arrival of a new born.

In the house of Imam Kadhim (A.S.)...

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Fatima is Fatima

by : Dr. Ali Shari'ati

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Creating New Courses Of Studying

Creating new courses of studying:
The imperialists took sure steps for changing all of the study courses that are applied in the Islamic countries, by taking away the religious contents. They also distorted the Islamic history, invented fabrications, and forged lies against Muslims’ moralities and beliefs.
The British Government committed Dunlop with the mission of instituting the teaching courses in Egypt. He showed no blemish as he founded an exclusive policy of teaching when he banished the whole bases of the Islamic education, and substituted with poor systems resulted in the intellectual infertility and reversed the religious concepts.
Dunlop’s policy of teaching was grounded upon two pillars:
First, it concentrated on filling as much as possible, the students’ minds with information, and neglecting the other principals of education. Thus, schools were required to engage the students in surface, aimless, and profitless information.
-It applied the synchronization system. This barren system aimed at uniting the methods, courses, and plans of education.
Hence, Schools became quite similar to each other, and their characters were destroyed. In fact, there are environmental and social circumstances that play a considerable role in the entity of each school..
Such modest educational programs would certainly cancel the genuine conscience in the minds of the new generations to turn them into instruments that the imperialists control.
In Iraq, the ruling authorities of the British occupancy looked deeply upon the institution of the teaching courses that served their goals and interests. They attempted to kill the religious and national spirits. Taha al-Hashimi mentions the following incident:
Miss Bill demanded with mobilizing the retired officers, who had been recruited in the Ottoman army. “How can such nationalists and sincere officers be mobilized in the new Iraqi army?” a British senior official working in the British Embassy in Baghdad exclaimed, “They will bring forth sincere nationalist generations.” “You should never worry,” said Miss Bill with wicked smile, “As long as Mr. (…) is holding the Ministry of Education, he will be responsible for teaching the new generations!”.
Unfortunately, the imperialists’ educational proposals succeeded, to great extent, in taking away the religious doctrines from the Muslim generations’ minds. St. Samuel Zoimer said, “Scholastic teaching and the Western moral education yielded great results and beneficial effects on the children and the youth. Once, I could persuade the Muslim pupils that the precept of fasting in the month of Ramadhan had not been God’s, since it was impossible to perform such a precept. I raised a ball before them as representing the earth and focused a bright light on it.”.
Jape also expresses proudly and arrogantly the triumph of the imperialistic education that played the biggest role in shaking the Islamic faith. He says, “By means of modern schools and media, cultural and educational activities could stamp a great influence on the unconscious Muslims. Thus, they appeared, as a general extrinsic view, as faithless. This was surely the best fruit of the endeavors of the West that caused Muslims to desert their civilization and… Islam, as a belief, lost some of its significance and power, but as a social prevalent power, it lost its proper situation.”
The Imperialistic education established a great dam between Muslims and their religion. They stopped those genuine spirits that destroyed tyranny.
As soon as the imperialistic powers found a place in the Muslims’ body, they killed the values, idealities, and genuineness, and made Muslims, as exactly as they intended, follow their capricious desires and neglect the right and justice.
The imperialistic great influence on Muslims can be obviously noticed through the new generations that took off the moralities and became the soldiers whose mission is achieving the expectations of the imperialism.
Imam Sharafuddin -the master scholar of Islamic ideology- presents the catastrophic inconveniences of the imperialistic educational systems in our schools. He says, “The imperialists could prevail on us through the schools they established in our countries. They cheated and caused us to send our dearest sons to their schools, which were surrounded by the imperialistic hands. We realized that our loss had been greater than the benefits only when the first generation was graduated. Only then, we realized that our sons had been taught without guidance, or with misleading one. Hence, our education complied totally with the imperialistic courses that invaded the spirits of our sons with weapons that are deadlier than those they had used in invading our territories. We committed suicide when we sent our sons to such poisonous institutes. Our nation attempted to regain the past glory by educating the individuals. Unfortunately, it was only the deceptive misapprehension that cheated us and caused to throw those individuals in schools that were founded in the east only for dominating on people’s religion and fortunes. The result was the unbearable damage that the new generations suffered, and a new loss of glory called ‘arts.’ The biggest misfortune was that those individuals were signed up as soldiers and given the mission of destroying our sacred principals and essences. Neither Islam nor have the East encountered such a disaster before.”.
The wording of Sharafuddin is completely true. Neither Islam nor have the East encountered such a calamitous educational invasion that ruined our beliefs and ethics.

The Missionary Campaigns
Unfortunately, the imperialists employed the missionary campaigns -that should have conveyed the Christ’s spiritual guidance, characteristics, asceticism, and rectitude- for threatening people and subjecting them to impartiality and persecution. They also employed those campaigns for deviating and straying Muslims.
The missionary campaigns were the leading instruments of the imperialists’ predominance. The British minister of foreign affairs said in Edinburgh Conference, “The missionaries have aided the government in all of its tasks. Without them many obstacles would not have been passed. On that base, the government is in need for a permanent committee for managing the missionaries’ affairs.”.
In a report stated by the chairman of the Commerce Chamber in Hamburg, it was said, “The growth of the imperialists’ wealth is dependent upon those men who have visited the occupied territories. The most significant method of achieving this expectation lies in taking the churchmen to these territories. This is surely the first condition for achieving such a growth, from an economic viewpoint.”
The imperialists used the missionaries for seizing peoples’ treasures and confiscating their earnings. They worked painstakingly for antagonizing Islam because it opposed imperialism and stood against their illegal purposes. The following decision, issued in the German Conference, assured this fact:
“The growth of Islam threatens a serious danger to the occupied territories. From this cause, the Imperialistic Conference recommends the governments to increase the supervision on this movement –Islam-, and confesses of the necessity of keeping up the plan of complete neutrality in the religious affairs. The Conference also counsels those managing the occupied territories to resist any activity that may lead to the expansion of Islam, and handles the missionaries’ actions that spread out the principals of civility, especially in the fields of disciplinary and clinical services. Because of the Islamic threat, it is necessary to work on advancing the German Christianity for taking the required reasonable steps in all of the countries that have not received Islam so far…”
The imperialists have used all of their powers and systems for opposing Islam and Christianizing Muslims or taking them away from their religion. To some extent, the missionary campaigns achieved these goals. A good number of Muslims converted to Christianity. In Indonesia, for instance, 250 thousand Muslims converted to Christianity. The same occurred in other Islamic states. This was natural because Muslims had ignored the reality of their religion; therefore, the misleading propaganda cheated them.
At any rate, the committees of missionary campaigns have been waylaying Muslims. The usurpation of the Islamic faith has been the job of such committees. Monsieur Chattily -one of the major personalities in the committee of missionary- says, “Various opinions have been said about the results of the plan of destruction, which is the second part of the Missionaries’ duties. The uprooting of the Islamic faith has been permanently coinciding with the efforts that have been exerted in the field of the Christian education. The new political map of Muslims will surely pave the way to the application of the European civility. Politically, such a map will vanish, but still we do not need lengthy time to see Islam surrounded by European wires.”
The plans of missionaries have carried the signs of death and devastation to Muslims. They have been the most dangerous means of the eradication of Muslims’ genuineness and the submission to the imperialistic predominance.

Christian Schools
The third pillar of the imperialistic combat against the Islamic conscience has been the Christian schools. Those schools have been mainly purposed for paralyzing the Islamic movements and Christianizing or, at least, dragging Muslims to Christianity. One of the missionaries asserted this fact. He said, “Schools are the most favorable means of publicizing the goals of the missionary campaigns. In Tehran, for example, the students in a Christian school attained 115 while they were 40 only two years ago. All those students are receiving the Christian education.”
The imperialists paid more attention to the Christian schools of girls since they have been the only gap through which the social decline would be more effective. In this regard, Jape says, “Christian schools of girls are the pupils of my eyes. I had always the feeling that the future of Syria depended upon teaching girls and women. Our school in Beirut has just begun. Yet, a great deal of care has been arisen in the missionaries’ media regarding this topic. The French Government paid good attention for supervising the teaching courses.”
Christian schools are generally imperialistic headquarters that have been founded for opposing Islam and Christianizing Muslims. In a thesis about the Protestant Missionary Campaign, Chattily records, “France is required to depend upon the rulings of the intellectual education in the schools of the East. I hope such a sort of education will be soon applied so that it will distribute the teachings of the French faculty among Muslims.”
As some honorable Muslims intended to establish an Islamic university, horror covered the imperialists’ media so completely that they held a conference in Lingo. In this conference, St. R. Simon presented this report: “Thanks to the missionary schools, the Christian education has already poisoned the Muslims’ blood. The Government of the Netherlands applied the courses that are earned from the principals of Christianity for quaking the Muslims’ false expectations.”
The Christian schools have poisoned the young Muslims for pulling out the Islamic conscience and planting bad manners and lethargy instead.

Clinical Employment
The imperialists employed medicine as a means of invading Islam intellectually and distributing the Christian ideas in the Islamic homeland.
In the issue 6687, Al-Mueyyad, the Egyptian journal, affirms that the publicity of the Bible and the missionary campaigns via the medical care were the main means of accomplishing the missionary tasks. Medicine was chosen because it would be far away from any governmental supervision, and Muslims would push themselves to the hospitals and clinics of the missionaries.
In the same issue, St. Klirlsral reports, “Missionaries acquired people’s love due to the clinical activities that made the enemies confess that Christianity has been the source of virtues. Missionaries’ means in this regard were the clinical distributions including journeys and activities of men and women. The German missionaries approached Muslims through schools and clinical journeys. Muslims’ chiefs received these matters like thistles in their bodies.”
In the same issue, another report of St. Silstine regarding the clinical activities was publicized. He reported, “In Khubi Mardan, there was a clinical Danish missionary of women whose job was publicizing Christianity among Muslim females. Not before a long time, they would land to Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. Women who came for treatment were received hospitably since Muslims were not interested in the activities of the she-missionaries.”
St. Lipsos asserted that the Armenian Aid Association changed its interests into a missionary campaign. He also reported, “Interesting in securing the Oriental Church is insufficient for achieving total changes in the East. It is obligatory to antagonize and oppose Islam, the enemy of the ancient Oriental Christians. Consequently, the Armenian Aid Association was changed into the German Association of Missionary.”
Because he was the wickedest enemy of Islam, Lobos was given the management of this association. He addressed his famous word, “It is unsatisfactory to fight and antagonize Muslims. In fact, weapons must be opened in their faces.”
The imperialists’ intellectual invasion has mainly aimed at usurping the Islamic faith from Muslims’ minds, and eradicating their genuineness and glory, which is simply the Islamic conscience. In Palestine, Roomier spoke in a conference of missionaries. After he had expressed the malice they had had against Muslims, he said, “Our main concern should not be converting Muslims to Christianity. The most important goal is taking them out of Islam and leaving them faithless. Thereafter, you will be the first leading group of the imperialistic convoy. May Lord bless you.”.
That was the trend of the Western imperialists. Their malice, enmity, and revenge caused them to address missionaries to the Arab world for removing any religious basis, and distributing immorality and depravity. This would surely lead to the worst fate in this life. The mental powers and the intellectual boundaries of any society will be definitely weak if religion is disdained. Moreover, such societies will absolutely be late and will rapidly fall in retardation and extinction.
The imperialistic powers’ dreams and plans came true when Muslims were banished, humiliated, and deprived of their fortunes on their own lands. The imperialists seized the Muslims’ treasures and economic potentials to use them in constructing their peculiar scientific and economic entities. Meanwhile, the Islamic world has lived in poverty and scarcity, as well as ignorance. This brought about retardation in industrial, economic, and military domains.
Israel has been the most serious menace that the imperialists left in the Islamic world. They brought and protected Israel after they had been rejected all over this earth. They donated weapons and uncountable capitals, and asked them to protect their interests and strike any Islamic or national movement.
Israel is indeed the mother homeland of imperialism, and the chief rule of aggression. It is headquarter of the imperialists’ campaigns. They also have used Israel for seizing peoples’ fortunes. This is quite clear through the imperialists’ supporting, directing, and excusing the Israeli aggressions. They have also stipulated the Israelites on capturing more lands and combating the Arabs for dragging them to accept objectionable matters. The Israeli politicians confirmed, “Israel has chosen hostility as policy.” It has depended on America’s capitals for massacring the Arabs and confiscating their lands to substitute the Israeli Homeland with the Arab homeland. Besides, the Israeli officials stated that the Arabs should settle in other lands since these would be the Israelites’ lands. They claimed that the prophets had promised of so.
The Israelis have worked for eradicating the Arabs in Palestine in such an unprecedented savage way. Meanwhile the United States has been cheering on such crude procedures that persecuted man’s dignity. America has been supporting them with Phantom jets and electronic means. The Sixth Squadron is ready for protecting Israel. In the United Nations also, the US authorities have been there for justifying the Israeli aggressions and encouraging more expansion and “new triumphs” while they have profited the Arab petroleum from which they gain, annually, more than thirty million dollars. As a reward, the US authorities have put the Arabs under the hammers of the most uncivilized and irregular people of this world. The roles of those peoples have been massacring, fatiguing, and startling the Arabs away from their lands. A more catastrophic matter is the progression of the diplomatic relations with Israel in more than one Islamic capital. The officials of such countries have permitted the foundation of monopolist corporations whose missions have been mainly spying and assuming the Muslims’ fortunes.
The Prophet (s), whose source was the unseen, determined that the Jews had been an element of destroying and devastation. He also foretold that they would waylay Muslims. Hence, he gave the orders of banishing them from the Arab Peninsula. In the final hours of his honorable life, the Prophet (s) assured this order determinedly. Had Muslims carried out their Prophet’s orders, they would not have encountered such a disaster that terrorized their entity and threatened a coming catastrophe.
Owing to its malicious intendments and wicked schemes against Islam, Israel forms the most threatening danger against the Islamic and the Arab worlds. The Israelis have spared no effort for eliminating the features of Islam and extinguishing its illumination. This is clear through their activities, such as burning the Mosque of Jerusalem, and removing any Islamic feature there. The West has defended such aggressions by providing them with arms because they have been the guard of their interests. The ruling authorities in the Islamic and Arab homeland are required to unite their word and settle their discrepancies for saving Islam against such a gang.
The Arab countries must take initiative steps for using any means for protecting their lands against the Israeli invasion. They should always keep in mind the fact that Israel has been expanding in occupation, and summoning all of the Jews on this earth to join and reside in the Arab lands. They have been planning for founding the Israeli homeland of which they have permanently dreamt. They are employing their diplomatic potencies and the American aid and relief. Consequently, there should be a united decisive situation, and the most modern arms should be available. The Arab countries are demanded with establishing manufactures of heavy arms on their lands so that they will not need the foreign countries, especially those aiming for predominating on the Arab countries.
The educational conscience should be highly esteemed in this regard. It is also essential to nourish the new generations, in schools and faculties, with the danger of Israel and the international Zionism. All of the mass media -TV and radio stations and journalism- should be taken up for this procedure. The armed forces that are the skeleton of this nation should be given a special attention. They should receive a full cognizance of the situation. Triumph will be theirs if they have full acquaintance, as well as belief, with the real situation.
The Islamic world is passing through a decisive and exact stage. As the imperialists acted so badly to Muslims, they –Muslims- were unable to achieve any success or progression. They were also left on crossroads where internal and external aspects of disintegration had challenged.
It is the educationists’ role to exert all endeavors for recomposing the Islamic belief in the minds of the new generations, and developing the feeling of the waylaying danger of Zionism and imperialism. Ministers of education should manage private systems that should be given the charge of every matter relating to the operations of planning in the fields of education and teaching. The missions of such systems should be presenting the Islamic studies as teaching courses in all of the academies so that the religious behavior will spread out among the generations.
The malicious imperialistic educational systems have been the origin of the crisis of the traditional educational systems all over the Islamic countries. For composing young generations that believe in their country and strive for releasing it from the imposed economic, political, and cultural imperialism, it is obligatory to eradicate and confiscate any feature of the Western education.
The governments of the Islamic countries should also reevaluate the educational policies carefully and honestly, and discuss them comprehensively. They must take in consideration that the educational philosophy in the previous ages aimed at creating generations that are unable to develop their countries at all. In other words, the purpose beyond the previous philosophies of education was providing barren governmental officials, who lack any purposeful or social attitude. On that account, it is indispensable to examine the educational plans, courses, and styles so that it will be possible to produce generations that are fit enough for taking the responsibility of constructing the society. In addition, it is binding to check all of the textbooks, for taking out any doctrinal or ideological aberrance. It is also necessary to eradicate all the principals and opinions that antagonize Islam. Finally, it is obligatory to apply a firm supervision on the teaching staff in favor of throwing away the solicitors of destructive ideas and unworkable beliefs- such as existentialism.
Islam has presented a complete educational course that create virtuous individuals competing in the fields of social services, and seeking to achieve completion in their environments and societies. It has been a distinctive course containing full aspects of vitalization, growth, and unification. This course made Muslims, in the earliest ages, such an unparalleled united power that conquered, dominated, constructed, and founded the noble values that relied upon the bonds of humanity, amiability, and cooperation.
The Islamic fascinating education could produce the choice and grand men of humanity, such as Ammar bin Yasir, Abu Therr, Selman, and others who built the Islamic history as they riled and denied the wrong. They promoted the right and enlivened the spirits of sacrifice and struggle for bracing justice and precluding unfairness and tyranny.
In the current crucial stage, Islam has been suffering a suffocating crisis in the educational entity. Unmanliness, disrespect, and disintegration have spread out in our society, and the notions that provoked the right have predominated. It has become impossible to notice any shade of the Islamic education since its elements and bases disappeared. Hence, loyalty has vanished, and amiability and association –on bases of God’s favor- have been lost. The social hypocrisy has become a general phenomenon. Greed and struggle for worldly affairs have become normal behaviors. Any boundary for earnings has been off course, and sincerity in labor has become a myth. The doctrinal rules, such as the precaution in treatment (Ihtiyat), suspension of the doubted matters, God-fearing- all these and the like have become out of line. There has been no compassion, no kind, and no social relations. Accordingly, societies collapsed, and numerous social epidemics and illnesses prevailed.
The unfortunate calamities reached the climax when some of the young left their families to live alone. In consequence, they have given in the total social bounds and traditions. They have not cared for the emotional sensations that their fathers felt, and paid no attention to their duties to their fathers, when they would become too old. Such fathers suffered too much of the behaviors of their young sons as they lacked custody and sympathy.
Fathers’ crisis has been seriously cruel, especially from their sons who had received their studies in the Western capitals, and, in consequence, acquired the Western habits and natures of leaving their families and disesteeming their affairs or any social tradition. When young men and women are out of their parents’ hands, -especially when they lack any social centrality- they will surely disregard their parents increasingly and reward them with humiliation and disrespect.
Majority of the youth, nowadays, pursues their lusts and sexual desires since they could find the way to the cinemas and nightclubs and directed towards filthy entertainment and the vulgar TV shows. Hence, they lost seriousness. That was because they lost the conscious education that protects them and supplies with the noble habits and the virtuous ethics.
This book studies comprehensively and objectively the factors of the imperfection and disintegration of modern education. Through this work, a comprehensive exposition of the Islamic education and its goals that develop the conscience and improve the intellective levels will be exposed. An exhibition of the Islamic plans aiming at publicizing the knowledge that depends upon believing in God and self-discipline will be provided. The author hopes this work will contribute in developing the Islamic conscience and serving Islam by putting on views some of the educational magnificent ideas. Finally, this work is offered to God the Exalted.

Baqir Sharif Al-Qireshi
Safar, 27, 1391 A.H.