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Birthday and Childhood of Fatima Ma'sumah (s.a.)

Birthday and Childhood of Fatima Ma'sumah (s.a.)

In the holy city of Medina, the holy household was awaiting the arrival of a new born.

In the house of Imam Kadhim (A.S.)...

Every Father Should Try Educating His Child

Every Father Should Try Educating His Child

Among the factors which build up man's personality are the family environment and parental guidance. The latter factor i...

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Fatima is Fatima

by : Dr. Ali Shari'ati

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The Principle Of Education (Up' Bringing) - 6. Art of Education

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Developing progressively in steps, the potential and capabilities, needs and requirements. power and ability, of an individual or a group; with organization and methodology; enabling them to attain it's prime and apex. is termed as "education". 43

It is of two types; physical and intellectual, i.e. the physical education and the mental education. The physical education encompasses the issues regarding ways and means of rearing and nourishment, and mental education is linked with the development of virtues and ethical deeds (actions).

Therefore providing physical facilities to their youngsters, is not the only responsibility of the guardians, but it is also obligatory upon them that they should earnestly and sincerely keep on introducing the spiritual and ethical (moral) standards, in the heart and brains of their children. Far sighted and enlightened parents seriously concentrate on the proper growth of their off spring. Therefore regarding their children, they are more inclined towards the development of the qualities of insight and vision in soul and percept.

Well, let us observe how the obedient person of Allah Hazrat Zakariya (Peace be upon him), with both of his arms stretched in His Grace, is requesting from Him. The words of the supplication do reveal the condition of his heart. By your grace, bestow upon me a successor, who should be my successor, as well as a

In english the word "instruction" is used for the normal teaching (education) that is imparted in the institution, by which different arts and technologies are taught. but there in an other, more common and much wider meaning of education, according to which human life and all the various aspects and faculties are being educated. In English the word "education" is used in this context (translated as tar'biat" in Urdu) Published in Delhi.

successor of Ale-Yaqoob, and Oh my nourisher! Make him one of your dearest being. 44

While addressing to Hazrat Ali-e-Murtaza (ASWS), the Last Prophet of Allah (SAWAW) says Oh Ali! may Allah's curse befell upon those parents, who educate their child in such an evil way that the situation reaches the stage of disinheritance (a'qh). 45 There is still another Hadith of the Holy Prophet (SAWAW), in which it is stated:-

May Allah's blessings be upon those parents, who nourished their off springs in such a manner that, it assists them in adopting a decent approach towards their parents. 46 In the same context. Imam Ali (ASWS) has guided us, in the following way:-

There is no better gift from a father to his son, than perfect education and excellence in etiquettes. 47 At another instance, the lmam of the pious. Hazrat Ali (ASWS) has expressed in the following manner:-

Whosoever has imparted proper education will tremble less, and whosoever has a lacking in his education will stumble more. 48 Further in these words, lmam Zain-uI-Abe;deen (ASWS), preaches the lesson regarding the obligation for education:

One of the rights of your son on you is, to consider him as yours, and should also know that in this world every good and bad act performed by him, and the relation of each of his virtue and evil is linked with you.

You must know that, due to the relation of being a guardian, the responsibility of infusing "decent etiquette" in your child has been vested upon you, and to draw his attention towards Allah is also your obligation. Besides this, it is also your duty to assist your son in praying and in submission to Allah.

Not only this! but to impart admirable education, having complete faith that if you succeed in fulfilling the right (due upon you) then you would be rewarded for it, and if you, had been negligent then you would certainly be penalized for it. 49 Sadiq-e-Ale-Muhammad Hazrat lmam Jaffar Sadiq (ASWS) Says:-

"The most precious heritage for your sons is not goods and wealth, but etiquettes and education. " 50

Not only every sentence in the Grace of Allah Almighty, but even each and every word of the supplications regarding his progeny, uttered by the minaret of guidance for the knowledgeable.

Hazrat lmam Zain-ul-Abe'deen (ASWS), is an illustration of elegance in desire and of absolute sincerity, but while demanding boundless dignity and honour for his dear ones, of what he has been desirous for himself from the Almighty Creator, should be considered as the ultimate wish of all sensible "parents" in times immemorial! Every individual needs to engross upon his heart the following "thought provoking, creative and directive sentence" of the lmam.

Oh Allah! help me in educating my children in modeling their etiquettes, and in enriching them with virtues. 51