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Birthday and Childhood of Fatima Ma'sumah (s.a.)

Birthday and Childhood of Fatima Ma'sumah (s.a.)

In the holy city of Medina, the holy household was awaiting the arrival of a new born.

In the house of Imam Kadhim (A.S.)...

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Fatima is Fatima

by : Dr. Ali Shari'ati

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The Principle Of Education (Up' Bringing) - 11.3. Justice Demanded

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Till now it is already known in detail, that "the Islamic Code or Life" intends dynamism in every member of the society. It is essential for the collective interest, that everyone should be steadfast and active. From the religious view point, one finds no place for "an idle", especially in the context of the coming generation!

If a healthy and sturdy youth used to come in the Holy Prophet's (SAWAW) attendance, he would inquire from those who were present there:

"Does he do some work?"

If it would be replied in affirmative, the Holy Prophet (SAWAW) would express his delight, and if the reply would be in negation, the Prophet of Allah (SAWAW) used to turn his face away from him! 135 lmam All (ASWS) says:-

Lazy and sluggish people can never safe guard there rights from getting lost. 136 Further lmam Muhammad Baqar (ASWS) says:-

Hazrat Musa (AS) questioned from Allah: "Oh Allah! Which one of your believer, you dislike most?" He was replied:

"Who sleeps all the night, and while away his day!" 137 Anyway Islam intends that the manpower never gets frozen. Every wise and study person should do something beneficial.

The Allah's deputed persons, left no stone unturned in unveiling the path of action (accomplishment)! They did all sorts of work. Bore all sorts of difficulties, and adopted all possible means for the attainment of subsistence, so that the toil of a peasant and the labour of a worker could be termed as a representation of spirit and resolution, and the dignity of labour could remain flying sky high!

Well, special care and attention is called for the selection of a profession and the location to serve. The reason being that, every person cannot perform all tasks with success and elegance. Every individual has his own style environment, heritage mental capabilities, intellectual aptitudes and personal inclinations, and the all these influencing factors have a dominal role in the success or failure in a profession or craft!

Remember, till there is no mental satisfaction and the fulfillment of desires, neither the craftsman can display perfection, nor the educatlonist attain expertise, or the manager feels contended with his task!

Therefore, it would be totally unwise, that in. quest for the satisfaction of their desires and fulfillment of their dreams, the parents during the education of their children, impair their future to a terrible degree. Meaning that, they so much load their weary ideas on them, that there Is no place left over for the tender "shoot' of personal ideas to sprout their way out!

The old and the elderly, by their love and experience, should direct their youngsters to recognize good and bad, distinguish benefit from loss, and they should certainly do so, But consequently, as the "blooming youngs' stepping into the prime of their youth, should also be given the freedom to find on their own, the solutions for their economic moans, by utilizing their newly flangled "knowledge and wisdom'.

The location where a person gets involved in an assignment plays a pivotal role. And only at his working place, one could expect good performance. But for better efficiency, sincerity with profession and judiciousness with the delegated task, is a must!

Now, if the nature of "work" is in consistency with the temperament, then it is all fine; but if the working environment and the activities are inconsistent with the mood, then there would neither be better performance, nor could the desired results be achieved! and this is against the fundamental norms of justice and integrity!

The Last Prophet (SAWAW), has said: -

"Everyone should, at his place, continue effort and work. But remember, whomsoever is created for a task (i.e. assigned for him by nature), only in that could he perform with ease (and success)." 138

Yet, in another glorious tradition, our brains are being so enlightened: -

"May Allah be gracious upon the person, whose task displays elegance and perfection." 139 And the Leader of the pious (ASWS), says:-

"The person who does not fulfill his task completely remains involved in grief and sorrow." 140 Moreover, at another location, he has guided us on the same topic, as:-

"A dependable, hardworking manager (worker), is also liked by Allah." 141

And in the end, we quote a saying of the seventh Guide of the genealogy of the Prophet, Hazrat lmam Musa Kazim (ASWS). The Bab-ul-Hawa'ij, says:-

The work which is beyond ones capabilities, if he intentionally tries to perform it, his efforts would go in vain and due to spoilage of work, would also loose all his expectations." 142