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Birthday and Childhood of Fatima Ma'sumah (s.a.)

Birthday and Childhood of Fatima Ma'sumah (s.a.)

In the holy city of Medina, the holy household was awaiting the arrival of a new born.

In the house of Imam Kadhim (A.S.)...

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Fatima is Fatima

by : Dr. Ali Shari'ati

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The Principle Of Education (Up' Bringing) - 1. Our Submissions

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In the name of Allah the Beneficent the Merciful

Education (Upbringing) of children is one of the greatest obligation. However it is too lamentable to say, that even the basic principles, to properly fulfill this obligation, are not commonly known. The traditional style, of child education (upbringing), has been that whatsoever is heard or known, howsoever baseless it may be,

is taken for granted as the fundamental law and principle of education (upbringing)! Moreover by just practicing upon them, one feels contented, as if he has adopted the right approach, and if God wishes, the child would have an exemplary (intellectual) growth! But, as the child becomes young, one witnesses the calamity that has befallen upon him!

Although being Muslims, we are totally unaware of the Islamic code of life, the Quranic concept of social life; or have the faintest idea about the Islamic requisites of practical life. What that we have is a cross cultural manifestation of the new and old,

some specific modes of living, a few new gestures of style and expressions, scanty academic knowledge, thinking inferred from ideas of Lord Macauly, an endless desire of grabbing economic resources, and along with it, a bewildering heart (thought), and scattered ideas!

Oh, the sons of this modern era! that is all what they have as their intellectual and cultural inheritance! Now in dire anguish, these misfortunates stand at the cross road, entangled in an unsolving dilemma.

Oh my God! On one side they find, the religiously glossed methisim, while on the other, are unimpressive worthless apprehensions, being associated to religion. "There is no way out for them!" But, they can neither dare to given up their beliefs, nor have any Inclination towards these religiously coloured racial traditions!

What should they do! what is the way out? They are dragged in this invincible tussle! ... They break, they burst forth, and at a later stage, get absorbed in the "defected generation", as configured (modelled) by the West.

On seeing all this, the parents find themselves in utter distress and agony, and just to concole their throbbing hearts, start repeating the same old weary phrases; "Oh what to say! Bad luck has fallen upon us. What a bad time are we in!…….. and so on". but as a matter of fact, not a single of these statement can be termed as true. They desired to harvest "wheat" from "corn"! and that is contrary to the Laws of nature.

Now if one really loves his "dear ones", is a well wisher of them and himself, sincerely needs to re-evaluate his past and present regarding their education (upbringing). One must dare question oneself, whether he has judiciously accomplished the task of their education and upbringing? Did he really knew the correct methodology for doing so?; And it is as clear as day, that his conscience would negate all this! Then why to object? We have obtained the fruits of what we sow!

However, the real state of affair is that. "What should these poor guardians and helpless parents, do! Till now, no one has even touched this subject, no one has ever been gracious enough to discuss it's issues.

In Urdu, just a few publications exists, however, either they are translations of some books in western languages, or inferred from these sources. Moreover, these books are mainly compiled for technical education and so, are either meant for the educationists, or for the students of some teacher training institute.

And besides this they are mainly written on pure materialistic concepts, secular view point and on western style of ethics, aiming for the transformation of the today's children to tomorrow's valuable citizens (for the West)! The idea, which fundamentally oppose!

In brief, till now there does not exist any organized publication on this subject, that bears the genius of the Islamic view and theory, regarding education and upbringing.

This book in your hand, is the first ever attempt on this subject, and has been abored by the scholastic and prudent pen of Hazrat Ayatullah Allama Syed .lbne Hasan Najafi. The Honourable Allama has always appraised the young intellect in the right direction, and has continously enlightening them with religious models for character building.

This has been the ultimate aim of Allama. May Allah Almighty bestow his special benevolence upon him, and bless his efforts to success. The ldara Tamaddun-i-lslam, has already been honoured, by publishing the scholastic treasure, Masala-e-Khums, and now, by Almighty Allah's Grace, feel honoured by publishing, of "The Principles of Education (Upbringing)".

This work is in itself unique, comprehensive, and extremely beneficial. May Allah accept our efforts, and bless, it with recognition!

ldara Tamaddun-i-lslam