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HPV-Cervarix (Human Papillomavirus) vaccine 471
HPV-Gardasil (Human Papillomavirus) vaccine 564
Influenza (inactivated) vaccine 449
JE Ixiaro (Japanese Encephalitis) vaccine 534
Influenza (live) vaccine 549
MMR (Measles, Mumps, and Rubella ) vaccine 500
Meningococcal vaccine 567
Some people should not get PPSV or should wait 455
Some people should not get IPV or should wait 360
Some people should not get rotavirus vaccine or should wait 456
Some people should not get shingles vaccine or should wait 486
Some people should not get typhoid vaccine or should wait 1073
Who should not get the yellow fever vaccine? 645
Some people should not get chickenpox vaccine or should wait 440
How Is Asthma Treated? 516
What Causes an Asthma Attack? 506
What Is an Asthma Attack? 518
How Can You Tell if You Have Asthma? 514
What is Asthma? 620
How to Be Safe in Ice and Snow - Part 1 609
How to Be Safe in Ice and Snow - Part 2 494
Calcium For Women 547
Does marriage lower depression risk? 632
'Weedy' teen boys have 'higher risk of early death' 932
Just a single cigarette a day linked to sudden death 673
Playing football is 'best way' for men to tackle high blood pressure 823
'No evidence' that vitamin D protects against colds 515
Women smokers who quit young cut death risk 507
Lung cancer rates in women 'to soar' by 2040 609
Does losing your job up the risk of a heart attack? 529
Green tea may be a 'brain booster' 662
Smoking may make your sleep suffer 527
Healthy lifestyle in your 70s can 'add six years' to lifespan 626
Can eating fish prevent Alzheimer's? 511
Lifestyle changes could slash cancer rates 588
Liver disease deaths 'up by 25%' 432
Do night shifts really 'give you diabetes'? 479
Mobile phone cancer link unproven, says HPA 544
Don't let grocery store sidetrack a healthy diabetes diet 548
Diabetes worldwide: A global concern 529
Diabetes and summer: Safety tips 534
Diabetes and Self talk: What are you telling yourself? 567
Diabetes and Getting motivated: How to do it 452
Flu shot extra important if you have diabetes 329
Disaster preparedness when you have diabetes 465
Diabetes: Coping with nail fungus 504
Diabetes and stress: Tips for present moment awareness 495
Traveling with diabetes, insulin pumps 539
Diabetes awareness: Assess your risk of diabetes 457
Personal health record: A tool for managing your health 524
Coping with the ups and downs of managing diabetes 431
Testing blood sugar: First or second drop? 554
Insulin injections: Does needle length matter? 468
Clinical trials: A chance to try new therapies 561
Heat and diabetes 524
Type 2 diabetes medications 463
Palliative care: Easing the course of serious illness 395
Cancer causes: Popular myths about the causes of cancer 401
Blood and bone marrow donation 454
Blood donation 564
Nephrectomy (kidney removal) 406
Cosmetic surgery: What to know beforehand 454
Triclosan: Is it safe? 473
Managing the cost of diabetes 429
Diabetes supplies: What does Medicare cover? 545
After a flood, are food and medicine safe to use? 465
Genetic testing 410
What is compassionate use of experimental drugs? 480
Causes of type 2 diabetes 662
Treating type 2 diabetes 667
Complications caused by diabetes 577
Hyperglycaemia (high blood glucose) 549
Living with type 2 diabetes 469
Symptoms of type 2 diabetes 635
Reduce your cancer risk 498
Neck Problems and Injuries 397
Aspirin protects against cancer various types 421
Study ties inadequate sleep to obesity 419
Study ties type 2 diabetes to breast cancer 361
Microscopic molecule determines human intelligence 538
Obesity, high blood pressure accelerate mental decline: Study 289
Vitamin C reduces air pollution harmful effects on lungs 349
Dark chocolate may reduce blood pressure 294
Natural skin virus can fight against acne bacteria 350
Cancer drug introduced multiple sclerosis best treatment 280
Drinking mineral water can prevent Alzheimer's 341
14 more diagnosed with meningitis in US, death toll rises to 21 316
Daily multivitamin intake may reduce cancer risk in men: Study 251
Influenza vaccine may reduce risk of major cardiac diseases 381
20 Reasons Why You Should Do A Body Detox Today! 282
11 Natural Methods for Detoxing Your Body 749
The Benefits of Organic Shampoo and Conditioners 653
10 Natural Remedies for Poison Ivy 332
10 Tips for Healthy Natural Hair 638
Aging Eyes Are Seeing Better 347
Coffee in Moderation May Lower Heart Failure Risk 267
Vaccine May Block the Effect of Nicotine 349
Vitamin D Deficiency Linked to Depression 336
Living With Depression 286
Annual eye checkup essential for diabetic patients 295