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One or two hours of sports each day best for teens 475
Roll Away Lower Back Pain 478
5 Signs You Need a New Trainer 568
The Interval Training Tool You Should Be Using 540
The Truth About Cross Fit 313
6 Ways to Amp Up Your Sculpting Workout 283
Tips for Increasing Physical Activity 286
How many calories does physical activity use? 288
How Much Physical Activity is Needed? 269
Why Is Physical Activity Important? 269
What is Physical Activity? 295
Relaxation Tips 289
10-Minute Body-Shaping Circuit for Walkers 352
Walk to Burn Fat Faster 401
30-Minute Power Walks That Blast Fat 354
How Walking Affects Your Body 307
Walk Off Twice the Calories 286
Walk Off Inches Faster 285
Stretch and Tone Your Walking Muscles 283
Boost Your Brainpower with Hatha Yoga 251
Cut Your Workout Time in Half 262
10 Minutes to a Tight Butt 303
Life-Saving Info Every Pregnant Woman Needs to Know 257
The Body You Want in the Time You Have 284
Fire Up Fat Burning 404
The Most Ridiculous Reasons to Skip a Workout 267
What is Functional Fitness? 288
11 Things You Don't Tell Your Trainer (But Should!) 311
How to Work Out When You Totally Don't Want To 278
How Often Should You Exercise? 288
Are You Making These Workout Mistakes? 242
Get Fit in 4 Minutes 276
Exercise During Pregnancy: Myth or Fact? 284
9 Things You Should Never Wear to the Gym 262
How to Become a Climbing Wall Instructor 251
The Secret to Staying Motivated 280
5 Ways Chocolate Boosts Workout Results 266
Be a Fitness Warrior 249
How Fit Are You? 290
Run, Swim and Bike With Confidence 273
How Exercise Boosts Your Immunity 255
4 Reasons Couples Should Work Out Together 253
4 Secrets Your Trainer Won't Tell You, But Should 282
Boost Brainpower with Exercise 316
Walk Off the Weight Anywhere 334
Winterize Your Walking Program 274
7 Tips to Meet Your Walking Goals 271
tretching and Exercise Plan 328
Treadmill Workouts 296
Walk Off Weight Even Faster 319
Walk Your Way to Better Blood Sugar 251
3 Ways Exercise Reverses a Bad Mood 243
Regular, Vigorous Exercise May Lower Your Stroke Risk 252
Training in the Heat 261
Exercise Won't Ease Hot Flashes, Study Finds 241
Climate Change May Threaten Worker Health, Productivity, Study Says 289
Fitness Club Best Place for Cardiac Arrest Survival 261
Exercising After Baby is Born 250
One Exercise Session Won't Bring a Good Night's Sleep 278
Physical Activity 315
Belly fat - get rid of it! 372
How to boost your metabolism? 284
Exercise your way into the New Year… and stick to it! 310
Coffee for better physical Exercise 298
All you need to know about Exercise and Fat Burning 420
7 Exercise Facts Unveiled 321
Whether 13, 25 or 55, exercise ensures healthy bones 358
Stay active. Strengthen your bones 260
Exercise your way to healthy bones! 325
Make Exercise a Daily Habit 271
Exercise - why it makes you feel so good 477
Get moving every day! 306
Regular activity is key to good health! 279
Fuel and Re-Fuel Your Body 279
Coffee for better physical performance 354
How to Start Running 379
4 Ways Walking Helps Your Running 399
Incinerate Fat and Reveal Your Abs 476
Get More from Yoga 399
Running in Reverse 635
Why Afternoon May Be the Best Time to Exercise 597
Exercise May Protect Against Brain Shrinkage 578
How Testosterone May Alter the Brain After Exercise 592
How Exercise Can Jog the Memory 530
Can Exercise Protect the Brain From Fatty Foods? 583
Live as Long as an Olympian 512
Exercise and the Ever-Smarter Human Brain 604
Do the Brain Benefits of Exercise Last? 596
Boosting Your Flu Shot Response With Exercise 522
The Appetite Workout 443
Why Women Can’t Do Pull-Ups? 529
Getting Into Your Exercise Groove 532
Barefoot Running Can Cause Injuries, Too 726
Exercise May Help Protect Children From Stress 450
Really? Carrying a Cold Bottle Aids Exercise 562
Is There One Right Way to Run? 647
Why Four Workouts a Week May Be Better Than Six 646
When to Retire a Running Shoe 646
The Benefits of Exercising Outdoors 475
Backpack Basics for your Child 530